Our Story

We want to create a greater playing field by absorbing the complexity of percussion massage device services. We do this by offering convenient and reliable products.

When we started we spearheaded the massage device industry by introducing clever devices that were easier, cheaper, and more flexible than what the rigid, cumbersome others percussion massager could do.
Now, more than a decade later, FlexCore is still building innovative products and working hard to make the massage experience better.

We couldn’t do this without our excellent team. We have a clear focus on building a mixed-aged team of inquisitive minds. All of them share a natural urge to work with exciting, new technologies and products. And we make sure that they get the opportunity to work with them to optimize workflows, work at the forefront of technology and, ultimately, build the future of FlexCore.

We’re a growing team with big ambitions, based in the heart of Minnesota.

We designed FlexCore to work entirely for you. At FlexCore we’re building a new generation of percussion massager products and a new way of supporting you through them. A product-first approach that our customers can truly benefit from is our priority.